July 5th, 2008 @ The Soap Factory, Minneapolis


—————– VIDEO COMING SOON ——————

Synopsis: This story revolves around the pig. Party B. Good and the pig are off on a camping trip, and things are just swell. They are painting pictures by the river. Waltar is at home, brooding over his obsession – the mermaid. The King is trying to pit his sons against each other, and convinces Waltar to kidnap the pig and take her riches. The central scene is set around a campfire. As night falls, Party B. Good retires to his tent and Waltar arrives to claim the pig as his own.

This show was made for the first Artery 24 event @ The Soap Factory: 24 hours, Saturday to Sunday, 1 performance every hour on the hour. My show was slotted at the halfway point, midnight on Saturday, and that became a theme for me. Chopping things in half was always a theme for me.


This show was conceived as a mirrored narrative – 2 stories told separately, paced similarly, exploring 2 opposing arguments. The interactions between Waltar and Party B. Good in this show were greatly inspired by Spy vs. Spy.

Most importantly, this episode marks a departure from the constant green-screening. PART 3
finds Party B. Good and Waltar out in the real world and in nature. Also notable is the attention to
synchronicity and choreography in the pre-recorded video and live elements.

At this time in my life, I had been offered a job in California. The offer sat on the table for a long
time, with me being unable to decide. Broke as a joke (with 3 jobs), just out of school, suspended
in an eternal midnight, this show came from a very unsure, very overworked mind.
A selection of music from PARTY PART 3 (2008).

All Music by PARTY FOOD, mostly comprised of tracks recorded from 2002-2006.
Cover art by Eric Schuster.


The show postcard:


. . . and for the record, I took the job and moved to California. How could I not?